Fitness Factory is America's #1 source for fitness, strength and cardio equipment.


In 1988, the founders of Fitness Factory came together with an idea to get affordable fitness equipment to the growing population of health-conscious Americans.

The first goal was to provide better fitness equipment than what was presently available at many major department stores in the mid 1980s. The products sold had to be sturdy, stable, functional and comfortable to use. Likewise, these products had to be priced right so they were a great value to the customer.

Today, Fitness Factory and continues to add to our product offerings while maintaining our core values of high quality and affordability. In recent years, the company added a full division dedicated to commercial sales catering to government facilities, military branches, police and fire, schools, rehab centers, apartments, condominiums, businesses, hotels, fitness centers and more.

Celebrating over 30 years in business!

"Our mission hasn’t changed and our focus remains the same: offer the best products, prices and service, guaranteed. Fitness Factory makes purchasing fitness equipment fast, easy, convenient and affordable." AdEasel continues to work hand-in-hand with Fitness Factory to not only meet these goals but go above and beyond. AdEasel combines strategy and an unequaled development team to adapt to an ever-changing digital marketplace.

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