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Avenues was founded in 1953 when a group of parents believed things should be different for their sons and daughters with developmental disabilities. They wanted them to be a part of the community, close to home, among family and friends. Remaining in the community wasn’t always easy, but it was what everyone wanted. Today, thanks to their vision, Avenues is a non-profit organization that provides homes, jobs and community living programs to Chicago area adults with physical, intellectual, and other developmental disabilities.

A Far Reaching Responsive Website

The Avenues to Independence website and mobile redesign included important changes to make the website easier to navigate for users (especially on the go) and for the Avenues staff to manage, as well as simplifying the donation process.

Donations, Donations, Donations

Non-profit businesses depend on contributions from donors & volunteers in order to stay afloat. AdEasel has optimized the site to make it as easy as possible for users to donate their time & money to Avenues to Independence.


Programs for Independence

Day programs, contract packaging & more.

Avenues to Independence has developed a number of services & programs which aim to create meaningful opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities and to provide local communities with valued services. These programs & services are showcased throughout the website and optimized for Google’s search to ensure that those in need can easily access them.

News & Issues

Keeping the community up to date.

With everything that Avenues to Independence does for the community it’s no wonder that they pick up some great press. AdEasel ensures that these stories aren’t forgotten by cataloging them in the News & Issues section, as well as the blog, Avenews Newsletters, various site galleries, and more. As active as Avenues is, we expect a lot more news & press to be added and we are more than happy to help!

Success Stories

Paths to Independence.

Avenues to Independence supports adults with autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome and other physical, intellectual and/or developmental disabilities so that they may live, work and learn in the most independent settings possible.


Another Success Story

With their new website, Avenues has broadened their reach in many ways. Audiences can easily access content from any device with the ability to learn about the organization's mission and programs, join events and donate right from their mobile device, tablet or computer. The organization can easily manage and update content via the Easel to better reach and inform their audiences.

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