The web is dynamic.
You need A Dynamic Agency™.

We take a results-based approach to web development. What does it do for your customers & what does it do for you? You can offer much more to your clients than bits of information and a few pretty pictures. We’ll help you determine what your site should look like, how it should communicate, and what it should accomplish by integrating the newest technologies and development solutions.

Web & Interactive Design includes ongoing adaptation, strategy, design, content and feature creation, and programming that will be incorporated into your dynamic marketing program.

Web Strategy & Design

AdEasel works closely with each client to design the ONLINE presence INLINE with your established or desired identity, maintaining a high level of consistency throughout your marketing mix, and focused on creating an interactive online environment for your customers, partners and audiences to interact with your brands, products & service offerings.

  • Establish Layout, Color, Illustration, Typography & Photography
  • Develop Multiple Site Designs to Evaluate and Determine Final Direction
  • Integrate Final Site Design with Site Structure, Content, and Features
  • UX Design, Brand Integration, Interactivity & Dynamic Navigation
  •, ASP, Cold Fusion, PHP, Perl, Flash, Java, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, CSS, DHTML, HTML

Features Design & Development

Your website will be developed as an online pilot for presentation, feedback, testing, and developments to ensure compatibility, functionality, and SEO.

  • Assess and Plan Technology Components / Features  
  • Programming & Development of Pilot Site with Site Structure, Content & Design  
  • Pre-Launch and Post-Launch Testing, Compatibility & Scalability
  • Online Communication Tools, Ease-of-Use, and Ease-of-Management
  • Implementation of Sales, CRM, Press/Media, Internal & External Communication Strategies & Applications

Additional Web Design & Development Services

  • Pilot Presentation & Review
  • Mini-Sites & Micro-Sites
  • Intranets & Extranets

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