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AdEasel works with one or many team leaders of each client to organize and format content for web, marketing, sales, CRM, advertising and media purposes. From there, we begin to integrate real-time content updates into everyday processes, and not just train management & employees, but motivate them to get more involved and make their own jobs easier at the same time.

Our simple and effective "Easel" Content Management Systems allow our clients complete control over their online presence, and make real-time updates 24/7, 365 days a year.

Content Design & Development

Site content includes text, pictures/images, files and other information. Content components of the site focus on informing and engaging the visitor. 

  • Develop, Present and Finalize Site Content Approach, Systems & Strategies
  • Collect, Organize, Format and Develop Necessary Files, Information & Materials
  • Features & Navigation Enhancements for Interactivity & Immersive Experience
  • Integrate Content with Site Design & Features

Content Management Applications

Dynamic Site Content & Navigation, Promotions, Campaigns & Database Design

  • Dynamic Database Design for Adding Sections, Sub-Sections, Pages, Ranking, and Categorizing
  • Content Organization, Formatting, Editing, Copywriting and Featured Content
  • Navigation Focus on Ease of Use, Promotions, Site Expansion, and Utilizing Industry Standards
  • Targeted Campaign Strategy & Design, Mini-Site Design & Development, Integrated Marketing
  • Targeted Promotional Strategy & Design, Promotional Banners and Content, Tracking & Reporting
  • Stylesheet Design & Content Presentation Design, Image Presentation Design, Files & Resources
  • Media & Communication Applications, Online Media, Printable Resources
  • Online Sales & CRM Communication & Interactivity

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