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AdEasel provides dynamic email, online and social marketing programs to help our clients gain awarness & exposure, increase education & customer knowledge, and build brand loyalty. We can build programs from the ground up, or provide education, training, workshops, support to help you capitalize on your strengths and in-house capabilities. We will present options,and make recommendations to deliver maximize visibility & return on your integrated marketing efforts.

Communicate more efficiently and cost effectively with your customers, prospective customers, partners, suppliers, media and other audiences through targeted online, email & social marketing. At AdEasel, we use every marketing platform available to help communicate our clients’ services, products and overall vision. When our clients look to innovate their communication channels, online marketing (and SEO), email marketing, and social marketing have played an increased role in their strategic approach.

Email Marketing

Fully-Branded, Cost Effective & Personalized Direct Marketing Campaign Design, Management & Reporting

  • Direct Marketing: Automated, Segmented, and Personalized Direct Marketing Applications, Processes, Templates, and Strategies
  • Administration & Reporting: Customized Reports for Messages & Campaigns, Lists, Users, Click-Throughs, Registration & Advertising
  • Lists & Users: Customized Lists, User Databases, Personalized Attributes, Customized Subscription Forms & Applications
  • Templates & Messages: Saved Template Designs, Saved Messages, Scheduling & Formatting Tools, and Admin Features
  • Sending, Tracking & Reporting: Administrative Tools & Features, Customized Reports, and Implementation/Distribution Strategies
  • Database Design: Dynamic Database Design for Customers, Prospective Customers, Partners, Vendors, Media, and General

Online Marketing & SEO

Targeted Paid & Organic Search Optimization, Placement, Positioning, Ranking & Reporting

  • Target Market & Keyword-Based Organic Search Engine Optimization, Positioning & Ranking
  • Local & Industry Based Directory Listings, and Integrated Online Marketing Strategy
  • Targeted Banner Advertising Opportunities, Links, Affiliates, and Referral / Viral Strategies
  • Targeted Campaigns & Interactive Features for Branding, Promotion & Lead Generation
  • Cross-Promotion & Partnership Marketing, Content & Features Synergy Development
  • Free, Paid and Performance based options and vehicles for online marketing & promotion
  • Interactive Online Advertising Design & Development
  • Point-Roll, Streaming Video, and Interactive Application Development
  • Targeted Online Media Planning, Buying, Tracking & Reporting

Social Media & Marketing

Dynamic Social Media & Marketing Programs, Web & Marketing Integration, Training & Reporting

  • Custom Social Media & Marketing Program Design & Development (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Advanced Social Tools & Resources Integration into Website(s) and Related Marketing
  • Social Marketing Presentations, Training Workshops, Tutorials, Resources, Applications & Support
  • Targeted Social Media Advertising Opportunities, Links, Affiliates, and Referral / Viral Strategies
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