Your Brand is Alive...Alive!

"The Internet is a cesspool" said one Google executive. The only thing that truly separates one business from another is the brand and the brand extends well beyond the name, and the logo. It is the representation of your business in all its various forms. So let us provide you with the unique perspective and successful branding services that will allow your business to flourish, effectively changing the landscape of your online and offline market.

From your product & service lines to your corporate culture, your brand is always on display.

We wouldn't have named our agency AdEasel if we couldn't adapt. But let's be realistic. You and your team, as well as your customers and business partners, know more about your brand, your business, and your market than anyone.

So we need to learn a few things from you, and in the process, hopefully you will learn a few things from us. We need to work together to achieve results, and over time, we will become one of the most valuable and stable assets your business has.

Brand & Identity Development

Developing a brand and identity is an extremely important process in defining your business and market position. How your brand and product or service is perceived in the market determines how your image will relate to the preferences of the consumer.

Many of our clients manage multiple brands. They either own several related or unrelated businesses, or they manage several product or service lines, each with its own unique identity.

Let AdEasel help guide you through the process, and let your customers help guide the long-term adaptation of your brand.

  • Brand Name & Ideation
  • Logo & Identity Design
  • Brand & Product Development
  • Print & Interactive Collateral

Brand & Identity Management

Managing a brand is even more important than developing a brand. The greatest brand name, identity, logo and image will never reach its potential if not properly managed. Your brand needs life. It needs to grow. It needs to collaborate. It needs to breathe.

AdEasel works with all types of brands, and adapts our approach to fit the best direction for our clients' long-term brand value. And many times that means leaving the main identity alone, but establishing standards and guidelines for usage, and protecting the rights of our clients' brands.

Let us adapt your brand for best results.

  • Brand Consistency
  • Brand Communication
  • Brand & Image Positioning
  • Trade & Service Marks

Brand Experience

What makes a brand? Just having a name and a pretty label isn’t it. The world revolves around brands, and we can help you develop yours to communicate exactly the way you want it to. Is your brand whispering?

Tell it to speak up. Okay, we’ll give it some advice to help it gain self confidence, stand up for itself & communicate better.

Develop branded product and service lines tied closely to your brand, and more closely to results. By creating a more consistent image and message, your customers will begin to associate your company with positive value and benefits.

  • Brand Experience Building
  • Theme Integration Strategies
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Involvement

Brand Interactivity

Consumers are frequently looking to the web and new media applications for increased services & information. Most importantly it's imperative that your brand be represented in a cohesive and structurally sound format.

A well-recognized logo and structured identity is a good first step toward building your brand, and by using a creative combination of imagery, copy & interactivity, your identity can be adapted continuously.

The real key to branding is to creating interaction with your brand to showcase the value of your products & services.

  • Brand Immersion
  • Games & Interaction
  • Personalization Integration

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