If you haven't noticed the new Twitter desktop rollout, you will soon, along with the changes to the notification bar, explore tab, and direct messages.

Twitter's major redesign to its desktop website is slated to soon replace the old interface for good.

The redesign, which began rolling out on Monday, makes the site look a lot more like the Twitter mobile app. You'll notice large swaths of white space, bigger fonts, and no more profile bio indicating your follower count on the homepage. Expect the site to also be "faster, easier to navigate, and more personalized," according to Twitter.


However if you don't dig the new look, you're in luck thanks to some open source project developers.

Twitter for desktop now looks a bit more like the Twitter app — but not everyone is in love with the new design. For the change-wary users already referring to Twitter’s “good old days,” there’s a new browser extension that will make Twitter.com look like, well, Twitter again.

The new Mozilla Firefox add-on GoodTwitter forces the web browser to return back to Twitter’s previous design. As an OpenSource extension, the free download adjusts browser requests so that, on Firefox, Twitter looks like the more familiar social network.


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