It's finally here. Whatever it is.

Branding to infinity and beyond! Virtual branding is now as real as ever, and the question is not if or when, but rather how will you manage and build your brands in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality.

Filters are a great place to begin experimenting. Snapchat just unveiled Lens Studio to allow brands to build augmented reality lenses for Snapchat and add branded elements in 2d or 3d, with a select number of agencies chosen to test out advanced features. They are in a race to create an extensive library of new AR objects as they expand their presence into more commercial applications.

Facebook also just opened their AR platform to developers also, and many others are diving in head first. Magic Leap has revealed their first hardware product, Apple is moving quickly with ARKit, and others are hot on their tails with their own developments. It truly is a Virtual Wild West.

What can you do beyond putting your brand on people's faces! What can you do to be different and create more personality with your brand, or immersion inside your brand, or deep loyalty to your brand? What is the next level of brand loyalty in the VR, AR & Mixed Reality World? No one really knows quite yet, and the possibilities are infinite, only limited by the physical elements they connect with (resolution, bandwidth, etc.).

Soon enough you will be able to shop in a virtual store as if you were browsing the physical store, or shop in the physical store with augmented reality elements adding a virtual layer to your shopping experience.

The question is not whether to leverage VR, AR and Mixed Reality, but how to get started leveraging VR, AR and Mixed Reality. The best plan for moving forward in these uncharted waters is to start simple, be creative, and remain extremely flexible as the technologies rapidly adapt in the months and years ahead.

How will people experience your brand 5, 10 or 20 years from now? Let us help you explore some real options.

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Chase Hendrix - CEO, AdEasel

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