Every so often I decide to try a handful of new apps to see what I'm missing. Not all of them end up staying bookmarked or installed on my devices, but hey, it's fun to see how app developers best utilize the technology available to them. Today I stumbled across this BGR article and decided to work my way through the list.


Google is a search company. It’s an advertising company. It’s a mobile company, a futuristic R&D lab and even, perhaps, an automaker. Google is a lot of things and because it’s so giant, it’s easy to miss some cool stuff in the shuffle. What you probably don’t realize is that a lot of the things you missed could end up being your favorite Google apps and services.

There are dozens upon dozens of Google apps and other products out there that are worth checking out. Sure search, Gmail and Google Calendar are must-haves, but Google’s utility extends far beyond its core products.

Earlier today, we told you about a secret Google search feature every Android user should know about. Now, in this post, we’ll take a look at 10 lesser-known Google products you really need to check out.

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop
  2. Panoramio
  3. Google Sky
  4. Who's Down
  5. Project Sunroof
  6. One Day
  7. Google Translate
  8. Google Scholar
  9. Build With Chrome
  10. Gmail

My Favorites: Chrome Remote Desktop, Google Sky, Google Translate, Google Scholar, Build With Chrome
Least Favorite: Gmail (As a disclaimer, I'm an iOS user and Outlook is currently the best mail app IMHO.)

Although I didn't find a personal use for each of these lesser-used Google Apps, it's easy to see how many could. And I must admit I spent a little too much time on Build With Chrome. Oh nostalgia.

Give them a chance, or tell us your favorite lesser-known app. We'd love to hear from you!

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