With RSS (Really Simple Syndication), you are able to get live web feeds sent directly to your computer instead of the conventional browsing method.  RSS takes the latest headlines from different websites and combines them into one aggregated window.  An RSS reader is software that collects and displays RSS feeds, giving you the ability to view headlines from numerous news sources in a centralized location.

As of July 1st, 2013, the primary player in RSS readers Google, will shut down it’s RSS reader Google Reader .  Some alternative RSS readers available are Digg Reader, AOL Reader,  Reeder, and Newsblur.  In order to make the transition of changing services smoother , most of the still available RSS readers allow you to login to your Google Reader account and transfer your feed to the new service.  Each reader is setup with similar and distinct features to Google Reader and others.  With Google Reader about to be shut down, it is unclear yet which company will emerge as the #1 RSS reader.

The first step to using RSS is to choose a reader.  Although each RSS reader has its own way for adding feeds or “channels”, these instructions will work for some. 

  • Click on the link or small XML button for the feed you want. You will see a page displaying XML code.
  • From the web brower’s address bar, copy the URL.
  • Paste URL into your reader add channel section.



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