1. You can’t update your website

Years ago, creating and editing webpages was a difficult process of updating code and uploading files to a server. With the advancements of Content Management Systems (CMS), anybody with some basic Office Suite knowledge is able to create and edit pages on the fly.

2. Long load times

Whether it’s Flash, large image files, or jumbled code, there’s no excuse for a slow website. Studies have shown that even a fraction of a second increase on load times can have a disastrous effect on sales and lead generation.

3. Your site is incompatible between browsers

Internet Explorer has somehow remained the most popular browser in the United States, but its use is declining and certainly isn’t the leader worldwide. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera all have significant user bases as well, and you won’t get their business if they can’t see you.

4. Your site isn’t mobile friendly

We recently hit a great milestone in mobile marketing. Over 50% of mobile devices in the United States are smartphones. This means more searching and sharing, so you need to be sure your site is optimized for touchscreen devices and smaller screens.

5. You can’t find your site on Google

If you can't be found through the most popular search engine in the world, you need an update ASAP. There are plenty of reasons you may not be finding your website on Google, but behind every reason is a fix.

6. You aren’t meeting business goals

From the start, you should be thinking of your website as an extension of your marketing and sales departments. A properly designed website has a clear purpose, informs customers, and can be leveraged to meet your overall business goals.

7. Your page looks like it’s from 1999

What your website looks like is similar to what you wear to an important business meeting in that you want to make the best first impression possible. There have been tons of design enhancements since the beginning of the web, and customers’ expectations have changed as well. Do yourself a favor and meet those expectations.

8. You haven’t integrated with social media

It should be clear by now that social media isn’t going away anytime soon. Your website should connect visitors with all of your online activity, and you are missing out on huge opportunities by not integrating your site with your social accounts.

9. You’ve got a website, but almost no content

Search engines today rank pages in a completely different way than they once did. Content marketing is the future. To read more, please read our 8 Content Marketing Tips & Ideas.

10. Your competitor recently got an update

While this doesn’t necessarily require you to update as well, it should at least be a consideration. Your competitor will likely be getting more traffic to their site—traffic that could have been yours.

Still unsure?

If you’re still unsure about your website, we’d love for you to contact us. We’ll point you in the right direction, and if everything looks great we’d love to give you some compliments.

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