We all use different sites and apps in similar ways, and we use the same sites and apps in different ways. Developing organized processes for using tools is vital to your operational efficiency.

There are a number of sites and apps we use on a daily basis, so it is difficult to pick just ten, but here are the ones that we find to be the most valuable to use regularly.

One of the most useful tools around to sync your notes across devices and browsers.
An amazingly simple and flexible project web-based management system.
Instant messaging in a dynamic, yet lightweight package across devices.
Sometimes RSS is the fastest and easiest way to keep up on the news.
When you have more time, this is the best way to get engaged in the news.
Google Maps
Nothing quite works like Google Maps, as Apple has recently proven.
Voice Search / Google Now / Siri
As difficult as it may be to get the exact results you are looking for, this is an invaluable tool in many cases to get information quickly without having to type.
Not everyone is on Facebook, just almost everyone is on Facebook.  The new graph search is a big step forward.
The new news comes from direct, credible sources and verifiable trends on Twitter.
Still the best way to communicate and build relationships.

A Few More Tools to Consider

  • Photoshop.com
  • YouTube Video Editor
  • Vimeo

Emerging Tools, Sites & Apps

A few new ones to look for include:

  • Quora
  • Branch
  • Medium
  • The New MySpace
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