A creative work experience

We work with some of the brightest students in the nation, but we don’t attend many career fairs. And we work with some of the top freelance consultants and designers around, but it’s not because we are lacking any talent in-house. We get new resumes sent to us almost every day, so our interns and associates really need to stand out. If someone sends us a form letter, it’s going in the garbage.

Our team needs to be personally interested and invested in AdEasel. And this dedication begins when people start contacting us for an interview. If someone comes up with ideas that are going to help our clients gain exposure, or streamline technologies, then we will listen. Everyone on our team, from the founders and partners to the interns, is a part of AdEasel because they invest time and talent into our company. But the return is huge. Projects are challenging, and the work environment is truly unique and adaptive.

So if you want an internship, or associate position with us, that’s great. Just show us how much you want to work with us, and if we see that drive and determination that our clients need, then we’ll setup an interview and discuss a life-changing experience with AdEasel.

Earn your Official Easel University™ Degree in Dynamic Marketing.

* Internship requirements are different for each major, college, and university. More detailed information about internship credit can be discussed with your office manager or the career services office in your college.

Adaptive Recruiting


We provide the voice your business needs to be heard in today's market through high-impact marketing solutions.

AdEasel recruits from a wide range of colleges & universities around the nation, seeking only the most creative and critical thinkers available. Ambition, individuality, entrepreneurial aptitute, business savvy, communication & presentation, ability to adapt, and ingenuity are just a few of the characteristics we are looking for. Contact us to arrange a phone or in-person interview at your school.


Programs & Degrees

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Business & Finance
  • Communication
  • Interactive Media
  • Computer Science
  • Management Information Systems
  • Entrepreneurial Programs
  • Graphic Design
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Art, Film & Creative Studies

Colleges & Universities

Internships, Recruitment and Educational Partners

Easel University™ Graduates


AdEasel has developed a dynamic, hands-on educational internship program that has graduated some of the nation's leading young talent.

  • Diana Aguilar
  • Adam Crombleholme
  • Kirsten Gustafson
  • Tom LaPage
  • Michael Rome 
  • Jason Naumann
  • Freddie Rosales
  • Zach Burdick
  • Tyler Scurring
  • James Everson
  • Erica Johnstone
  • Maria Ricciardi
  • Paula Beck
  • Alana Mitnick
  • Dino Castelli
  • Cole England
  • Brandon Jaynes
  • Rachit Gandhi
  • Chatchai Chattirak
  • Nathan Urbansky
  • Nicolas Titze
  • Lacey Donovan

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