An Open Approach

The Easel represents an open approach to each client, product, campaign, and message.  It can be repositioned, moved, can be real or can be anything and everything. 

On most traditional easels, there are 3 supports (legs).  We believe these stand for the strategic, creative, and technological aspects of every case.  All three are necessary for it to be stable, and support the message. 

We provide every client with an online Easel, that serves as a support tool for all aspects of web, marketing, advertising, management applications, and reporting.  Clients learn to use their Easel in different ways to improve their message, and their overall business performance. 

We have incorporated the easel into everything we do.  It is our brand.  We want everyone that has heard of AdEasel to automatically think of us when they see an easel, anything that represents an easel, anything related to art and creativity, anything related to dynamic presentations, and anything that relates to using traditional models and tools in new and innovative ways. 

We show our clients how we have built our brand, improved our brand experience, added more brand interactivity, and created more brand personality.  Every business has one or more unique brands, and each requires a unique brand strategy. 

Let us help you develop, manage and adapt your brand for success.

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