AdEasel has launched a new responsive website for Humane Manufacturing Company LLC. With Easel, Humane is able to communicate leads, sales, and marketing materials across its vast dealer network with just few clicks.

AdEasel worked side-by-side with Humane to design stunning logos, as well as informative, sales friendly print and branding materials, for Humane’s wide variety of recycled rubber flooring products. AdEasel also worked with Humane to promote their trade show events, a vital part of Humane’s overall marketing strategy.

AdEasel optimized Humane’s social, web & email presence and monitors current activity to determine ongoing improvements in order to attract and retain fans, followers, and subscribers.

Humane Manufacturing Company LLC is a privately held company founded in 1907 with corporate headquarters and multiple manufacturing centers all in the USA. Since 1972, Humane has been a leading national recycled rubber flooring brand recognized by the fitness, equine, dairy, and industrial markets as one of the highest quality products in the world.

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