AdEasel has launched a brand new file sharing application, Easel File Manager, which is available to Easel users to better communicate with clients, potential customers and co-workers, and is complete with FTP, Google Drive, and Easel Cloud integration.

Easel File Manager operates within the Easel and front-end of websites allowing users to securely upload, download, share, store and manage files and resources that can be integrated with your Google Drive and Google Apps account for additional convenience.

Client access can be given via Easel Users or approved after a user submits a short, embedded, client access request form.

Easel File Manager was developed to meet the demands of increasingly larger file sizes, and offers advanced sharing functionality including private & group sharing, private & group messaging, public sharing, email messaging & notifications.

To get started with Easel File Manager, please contact us today to discuss storage needs, website integration, and receive ideas and recommendations to most effectively use the application.


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